When Katherine met Em and Em met Katherine.

The magic of social media connected us in 2015. We met in real life in Byron Bay whilst both in the early stages of our first pregnancy. We connect over a love of vitamins and mineral subculture, natural powerhouse ingredients, health, science, pilates, spicy Margaritas, coffee, dancing, singing at traffic lights, sunsets, paella, chocolate, and a shared ambition to make the world a healthier, happier and more harmonious place. We both work in our own practices and help others kickstart their health journeys.  But we couldn’t shake the feeling that we’re… better together.

Today, we are combining our knowledge and love of all things vitamins, minerals, nutrition, diet and wellness, creating exceptional formulations that’ll help you be that little bit healthier. Whilst enjoying the occasional cocktail and dance around the kitchen. 

Em (BHSc Naturopath) + Katherine (BHSc Clinical Nutritionist) xx

Honest Health Co.

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